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Wookie armor crafting guide.





Wookie Armor Crafting Guide

Contents :

  • Part 1 : Resource Requirements
  • Part 2 : Resource Acquisition
  • Part 3 : Armor Padding
  • Part 4 : Resource Gates
  • Part 5 : Typical Results
  • Part 6 : Slicing

Part 1 : Resource Requirements

Requirements are pr whole suit of armor, note that you only need one type of segment, both basic and advanced segments are listed for each armor type.

Kashyyykian Ceremonial Armor
Wood 110
Leathery Hide 110
Wooly Hide 110
Copper 55
Polymer 40
Fiberplast 40
Padded Segments (Tailor) 5
Synthetic Cloth (Tailor) 4
Kashyyykian Armor Segment 11

Kashyyykian Segment
Wood 220
Leathery Hide 55

Advanced Kashyyykian Segment
Endorian Deciduous Wood 275
Yavinian Leathery Hide 88

Kashyykian Black Mountain Armor
Endorian Decidious Wood 220
Leathery Hide 220
Nabooian Wooly Hide 130
Copper 130
Polymer 130
Fiberplast 80
Padded Segments (Tailor) 10
Synthetic Cloth (Tailor) 4
Kashyyykian Hunting Armor Segment 11

Kashyyykian Black Mountain Segment
Leathery Hide 154
Hard Wood 40
Soft Wood 20
Armor Layers 8
Segment Enhancer 11

Advanced Kashyyykian Black Mountain Segment
Yavin Deciduous Wood 275
Dantooinian Leathery Hide 176
Endorian Conifer Wood 88
Armor Layers 22
Segment Enhancer 11

Kashyyykian Hunting Armor
Dathomirian Evergreen Wood 270
Lokian Leathery Hide 270
Tattooinian Wooly Hide 220
Mythra Copper 120
Polymer 130
Dantooinian Animal Bone 40
Nabooian Fiberplast 140
Padded Segments (Tailor) 18
Synthetic Cloth (Tailor) 4
Kashyyykian Armor Segment 11

Kashyyykian Hunting Segment
Leathery Hide 165
Avian Bone 110
Soft Wood 55
Armor Layers 33
Segment Enhancer 11

Advanced Kashyyykian Hunting Segment
Dathomirian Leathery Hide 275
Dantooinian Avian Bone 176
Yavinian Evergreen Wood 88
Armor Layers 33
Segment Enhancer 11

Part 2 : Resource Acquisition

The woods are the easiest to get, you just need some flora harvesters and patience for the right spawn
The hides and bones are harder.
Fortunately Dantooine is a populated planet due to its grinding reputation. Dant leather and Dant avian bones are therefore (usually) not that hard to get once a good spawn hits. (Voritors on Dantooine drop the avian bone)
Naboo and Tatooine Wooly are harder, as the animals that drop these, drop small amounts, only 25-40 each. For Naboo you can get missions for Peko Pekos or Gualamas, these are easy to kill and simply require time and patience. The Tatooine wooly drops only from Banthas. You can get missions for banthas and again you need patience to harvest what you need.
Typical hunter prices on Chilastra is currently 50cpu for most armorsmith creature organics.
Both Dathomir and Lokian leather are easy to get in large amounts as these are good hunting locations with large animals that drop higher amounts of hide.

Part 3 : Armor Padding

Armor Padding is a required component in Wookie armor and it is made by Tailors. You need Tailor – Field Wear 3 to make these, and they are the one item a tailor can experiment on, so try to get a Master Tailor to make these for you. You need Leathery Hide and Wooly Hide to make the Armor Padding, both with high OQ and SR.
I try to get the base as high as possible, but that leaves me with 4.8% base and 6/5/6 HAM. A lower decimal could get you with 4.0%base and 2/2/2 HAM which has been mentioned as the ‘ideal’ padding, as Wookie armor tend to be rather heavy any redution in HAM cost is good. Of course the resources used will heavily influence the outcome.

Part 4 : Resource Gates

As with other Armorsmith resources you want to look for resourcse with a combination of high OQ/SR, MA will affect the HAM cost and UT the condition. However most resources only have stats within certain interval, called ‘gates’. Below you’ll find the list of gates for the Wookie resources.
Note that while Copper is gated the Shipwright resource ‘Conductive Borcarbitic Copper’ has no gates.
Copper : MA 500 – 1000, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 300 – 800, UT 300 – 800
( Conductive Borcarbitic Copper : None )
Dantooinian Leathery Hide : None
Dantooinian Animal Bone : MA 1 – 500, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 400 – 1000, UT 1 – 1000
Dantooinian Avian Bone : MA 1 – 600, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 100 – 500, UT 1 – 500
Dathomirian Evergreen Wood : MA 800 – 1000, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 1 – 400, UT 1 – 300
Dathomirian Leathery Hide : None
Endorian Conifer Wood : MA 600 – 1000, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 100 – 400, UT 1 – 300
Endorian Decidious Wood : MA 400 – 800, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 300 – 700, UT 1 – 800
Fiberplast : None
Leathery Hide : None
Lokian Leathery Hide : None
Mythra Copper : MA 817 – 906, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 617 – 706, UT 617 – 706
Nabooian Fibreplast : None
Nabooian Wooly Hide : None
Polymer : None
Tattooinian Wooly Hide : None
Wooly Hide : None
Yavinian Decidious Wood : MA 400 – 800, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 300 – 700, UT 1 – 800
Yavinian Evergreen Wood : MA 800 – 1000, OQ 1 – 1000, SR 1 – 400, UT 1 – 300
Yavinian Leathery Hide : None
For Hard Wood and Soft Wood see caps for Conifer/Evergreen/Decidious

Part 5 : Typical Results

This part gives tips on how to craft the armor and some examples of what results are possible

With the use of segment enhancers you can add quite a bit to the base using Janta Hides or Rancor Hides. The examples below are without using enhancers and typical results for factory runs. Handcrafted armor with enhancers can go much higher.
The examples below are results with ‘pretty good’ organics (not uber) so if you can beat these stats you’re good to go

Ceremonial armor (no layers)
I think the theoretical max for Ceremonial is 60% kinetic resists using the advanced segments. You should aim for about 55% kinetic which is a good result.

Black Mountain armor (2 layers)
Black Mountain armor has layers and therefore is more interesting that ceremonial in that you can experiment more and make more variations of this.
Typical examples using two kinetic layers you can get :
Kinetic 80%, Base 17-18%. (maxing kinetic resists in the layer)
Kinetic 60%, Base 30% (maxing the layer base)

Hunting armor (3 layers)
Kashyyykian Hunting armor offers the most versatile and flexible solution, but it also tends to be the heaviest wookie armor. With the resources on my server I have been able to make up to 68%base but current organic resources arent quite as good so my base is lower.

A tip for crafting Hunting armor: dont use kinetic layers. Kinetic is the special resist in hunting armors (like electric is for Composite). If you use a stun layer and two energy layers you can spend points on special resist on the segment to get kinetic up to 80%.
As kinetic is the special on the segments, using just one kinetic layer in the segment it is possible to reach 80% on the final piece and thereby reducing the weight of Hunting armor.

Examples of Wookie hunting armor:
40%stun/76%kin/60%base (triple 13stun layering)
8%stun/80%kin/80%en/62%base (two 4base/10energy layers, one 4base/8stun layer)
80%kin/80%en/62%base (two 4base/10energy layers, one 4base/4kin/ham layer)
(note: with good quality organics you can reach 70%+ base on hunting armor)

For all of the examples above, take your servers resources into account. The organic quality varies tremendously and will affect your wookie armor crafting far more than, say, composite crafting, as composite resources are easier to harvest in sufficient quantities.

Part 6 : Slicing

Generally I dont slice wookie armor, there seems to be little call for it on my server at least. I have tried to slice a run of 63%base Hunting armor but the effect was pretty low (not a single slice above 80%).
I would not advise slicing unless you can get a higher base on your armor than I had.
However the HAM costs for Wookie armor is pretty high, so if your customers are interested in low(er) ham suits there might be some demand for sliced encumberance suits.